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Executive Skill Assessment Options

Taking the time to review your leaders and others, working within your organization is evidence that you truly care about the health of your organization. Executive skill assessment is necessary in our ever-changing business environment in order to stay competitive and relevant. The services we offer for assessing executives range from 360 evaluation services to seminars teaching the elements of effective leadership. Our services cover a wide range of needs because we understand that all organizations are unique.

Highly Effective: 360 Evaluation Services

Evaluation can sometimes be an intimidating prospect for executives but it is one of the most effective ways for leaders to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Our 360 evaluation offers the opportunity to evaluate executives from all levels. These levels include the leader's boss, peers, and direct reports. Conveniently available to take online, this review provides feedback and thus a window through which to see where improvements can be made. Among the TAIS assessment and other tools we offer, the 360 provides accurate and valuable information from leaders looking to improve their skills.

Available TAIS Assessment

The assessment services we offer can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization. The information that comes from our coaching and evaluations helps to improve the skills of the members of your team that apply to their daily activities and as a result, influence those around them. These assessments reveal personal strengths as well as areas in which they might improve that relate directly to work situations.

The TAIS assessment available through Rembisz and Associates can be geared to address personality traits and predict behavior or can be directed toward specific situations. Our ability to offer services that cover a range of needs results in the most comprehensive information from which your organization can work to improve. Explore how TAIS can be effective for you or look at our executive skill assessment and see it could apply to your team.