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Scanning for People Metrics that Link to the
Bottom Line

On a day-to-day level, whether in steady-state or undergoing a large-scale change, it is the activity at the employee level that determines the organization's success.
PeopleScan is an efficient, effective, and confidential process for assessing important "dashboard" metrics at the individual employee level that are reliable predictors of bottom-line success.
Metrics for:

  • Motivation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Activity Level
  • Efficiency

Decades of research reveal tat employee motivation and activity levels affect productivity. Excessive anxiety, rumors and concerns about organizational change create over- and under- motivated employees, and detract from being productive and effectively serving internal and external customers. By pulsing employees, we establish metrics and create trends for determining areas most in need of management attention and action.
Identify Employees' Issues, Concerns & Ideas
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Outsourcing
  • Restructuring
  • Day-to-Day People Metrics Dashboard
  • New Leaders
  • Large-Scale Change
Different from traditional surveys, People Scan is designed to take frequent (bimonthly or monthly) snapshots at the employee level of functioning.
Actionable Results
PeopleScan generates real-time management intelligence on employee productivity indicators for leadership action. Dr. Rembisz says: "Because PeopleScan data is current, quantifiable, and measures the indicators most important to leaders, managers readily own the data and know where to focus resources and attention."
Reveals Departure Intentions and Increases Retention of Critical Employees
Targeted Two-Way Communication
PeopleScan creates the ability for leadership to dialogue using the tool by sharing trends from the scan, as well as targeted messages. Among the top critical factors for successful organizations is the ability to align internal efforts. Unobstructed visibility to employee thinking and activity is important to creating precisely focused, coherent communication and action plans.
Reduces Internal Friction and Communicates Consistent Messages
A valuable component of PeopleScan is the ability to customize and craft items, including opportunities for open-ended comments. This feature is the equivalent of an one-on-one meeting with every employee. Using the data, managers have more effective real-time discussions with employees.
Anchors Changes in Culture and Aligns Efforts
One manager said: "Using PeopleScan data in our meetings saves time because it doesn't take half of the meeting for employees to open up and talk about the important issues. The real concerns are revealed in the data and serve as a guide for keeping our meetings on track."
How it Works
An email is sent to a group of selected employees with an html link to our PeopleScan web-site where they complete the standard or customized "scan" (e.g., your motivation, activity level, and comments box). In near-real time, reports are generated from responses by group, department, division, enterprise.
The real value of PeopleScan comes from repeated assessments. We typically suggest pulsing for a minimum of 3 months (with bimonthly scans). The software of PeopleScan allows for tracking variations across the specified time period for organizations, groups, departments, even "drilling down" to individual level data. Further, the software can track individual responses and still maintain confidentiality. Individual employees with specific issues can be confidentially coached for resolving concerns unique to the person. From PeopleScan reports, managers and executives begin to see patterns and trends and can craft communications to address the specific issues. We recommend beginning with a pilot group, then working into larger groupings.
Confidential Web-based ASP
Easy to use, this ASP solution requires minimal implementation time as the software resides on our hosted secure server: A simple file consisting of employees' email and demographic information for desired data views (e.g., location, division, level) is all that is needed to start the scanning process.
Minimal Employee Time
By its very design, PeopleScan only takes a few minutes for employees to complete.
How much it Cost
PeopleScan has been priced in a way to allow for a wide range of use within organizations of all sizes. Please contact us for detailed pricing information
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