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Gather data for driving organizaitonal change and development

Surveys are widely used in contemporary organizatios for gathering data from a large number of people in a short amount of time. Surveys have an important role in the organizational context, helping leaders and managers obtain a better understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of their emplyees and their customers.

Successful Survey, Steps :

  • Obtain the necessary resources and support from the organization
  • Develop questions that appropriately reflect the specific purpose of the survey
  • Formulating the communication process
  • Working through resistance and feedback
  • Interpreting the survey results
  • Working with results throught the organization

Are you interested in knowing:

Do employees feel empowered in their jobs?
Which types of communication systems are most and least effective?
Are managers consistently behaving with the organization mission and vision?
What are the barriers to enhancing employees' performance?
Employee opinions used to identify and drive organizational changes

Surveys as tools:

Data feedback is one of the most powerful means of effecting change (Nadler,1977);

Designing the survey questionnaire seen as:

  • means of communicating what is important to the organization
  • behavior change or change in strategic direction requirements
  • a mean to identify, link, and leverage key variables to bring the organization to a desirable state

Contact us to further discuss how we can aid you in:

        1. assessing your pooling resources,
        2. developing a world-class questionnaire,
        3. communicating objectives,
        4. administering the survey,
        5. interpreting the results,
        6. deliver the findings,
        7. and putting learning into action. Coronado, CA (619).575.2342