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Executive Assessment

Successful organizations know the importance of having the right person in the right position at the right time. The cost of a staffing mistake are high. At the executive level, it can often be 2 1/2 times the individual's salary. That does not include lost opportunity, lost productivity, wasted time and additional recruitment expenses incurred. Once hired, termination or separation can be difficult, emotional and costly to all. It is better to be right the first time than to have to correct a situation gone bad. Rembisz & Associates provides the process, tools, capability, experience and knowledge to reduce selection mistakes.

The assessment can be outsorced entirely to Rembisz & Associates or we can train the organization's staff to define the competency profile and conduct the assessment. The following steps are a suggested outline of the process:

1. Identify key competencies - Many recruitments fail because different interviewers possess different criteria for the ideal candidate. Rembisz & Associates assists in identifying the key competencies and characteristics necessary for success within a particular position at a particular point in time. We work with your organization to identify the key and critical competencies necessary for organizational and position success. Competency identification methodologies are tailored to your company's needs and requirements and can utilize interviews, instruments, focus groups or more formal research procedures. We are pyschologists and are expert at identifying behaviors and characteristics necessary for superior performance.

2. Determine the assessment process - We then design a tailored and customized evaluation process that will assess individual strengths and limitations and evaluate an individual's fit to the position profile.

3. Select the assessment tools and conduct the assessment - We utilize a variety of evaluation instruments (e.g. The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS), the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), the NEO-PDR, the 16PF, and the FIRO-B, among others). Other data points are also utilized such as 360o surveys, past performance assessment information, references, etc.

The assessment protocol can include individual interviews, group interviews, simulations, case studies, role-playing, behavioral sampling, assessment centers, etc.

We employ a structured, values and competency-based behavioral interview process to assess the executive's skills and abilities in areas such as leadership, team playing intellectual style and orientation, interpersonal effectiveness, performance under pressure, and results orientation. The instruments and interview are linked to the organization's competency profile which is directly associated with the organization's business strategy and mission. Fit to the organization's culture, people, operating style and values is the goal.

4. Provide feedback about the candidates' suitability for the position - We provide verbal feedback, as soon after the assessment as practical, about the candidates' fit with the organization, its strategy, people and culture. We can then follow-up with a written report.

5. Provide feedbacks to the successful candidate - In approximately two months after hire, we contact the hiring manager to determine how the new hire is working out. Armed with this information, we review interview and test results with the new hire. The focus is developmental, how the person can be optimally successful in the new job. If problems exist in the new relationship, we are in a position to facilitate a positive outcome.

Our consultants have extensive experience and background in assessment and evaluation and are invaluable in reducing the risk of position failure. Knowing how individuals and teams will perform under stress and pressure will enable the organization to determine fitness for the assignment and to anticipate possible problems, conflicts and difficulties. The assessment also becomes the foundation for a developmental plan and process. Developmental suggestions are made, feedback provided and action plans developed. Performance management can also be provided with follow up occurring with the individual and with management where desired and warranted.

Rembisz & Associates additionally specializes in the assessment of individuals who are being considered for international assignments. Based on current research, we have developed an international competency profile and assessment process that identifies those characteristics critical to position success. For international assignments we recommend assessing he family as well as the individual identified for the position. Assignment failures are costly to the organization, individual and family, not only in dollar terms but also in lost opportunity and negative career and organizational impact. Risk management and optimizing organization and individual performance are the gals of the assessment and evaluation process. Coronado, CA (619).575.2342