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Organizational Review & Development
Change Management

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Organizations today manage change continuously. Change can be perceived as a threat and a problem or as a challenge and an opportunity. Rembisz & Associates helps to move the change process in a positive direction through individual and team consultation, facilitation, planning, implementation, review and ongoing feedback.

Change issues facing organizations today:

    • Cultural Change
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Changes in Leadership
    • Restructuring & Reorganization
    • Globalization
    • Changes in the Marketplace
    • System, Process and Technology Changes

We work closely with your organization to create a tailored and customized change management process. The process is designed to drive change at multiple levels in the organization.  Institutional change takes time. It requires purpose and resolve as well as the commitment of necessary human and organizational resources. We work with evolutionary change and revolutionary change. We are practical and work with a sense of urgency.

Rembisz & Associates supports the change agents and champions within the organization. We assist in mobilizing and focusing leadership and management at all levels on the change process and provide feedback on the pace and intensity of change.

We assist in answering the following questions:

    • Are we moving too fast or too slow?
    • Are we doing too much or too little?
    • Are all parts of the organization keeping up?
    • Are some too far out front and others too far behind?
    • Are leaders on board?
    • Are the teams motivated?
    • Do we know where we are going?
    • Do we have what it will take to get there?


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