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Center for Leadership Assessment

Rembisz & Associates in partnership with the Rady School of Management in Southern California, has developed a Leadership Assessment Center.

Otterson Hall - Rady School of ManagementThe Center for Leadership Assessment offers a learning experience designed to provide both the individual and the organization with critical information about the strength of its leadership and business skills. For an individual, a structured leadership assessment experience offers an opportunity to demonstrate skills and capabilities in a challenging environment and to receive feedback on that performance. For the organization, this process provides an accurate, independent assessment of the talent pipeline, a tool that will be invaluable to the organization's individual and organizational development efforts.

What are the components of the Rady School's Leadership Assessment Center? The Assessment Center at the Rady School of Management provides a more effective tool for evaluating the skills and abilities needed to fill leadership positions than by simply conducting interviews. The Assessment Center provides an opportunity to see leadership candidates in action.

The two and a half day program consists of personality and aptitude assessments, structured exercises and 360 degree feedback. The core of the assessment process is a business simulation, which provides an opportunity to observe candidates while they work in a team to problem solve, develop ideas and make decisions that will control the destiny of their simulated business as it competes in a virtual market. The simulation requires participants to demonstrate a range of skills including strategic thinking, business acumen, team leadership and interpersonal expertise. These observations, along with tests and work measures, become the basis for an overall assessment of a participant's strengths and development needs.

In addition to the expert facilitator feedback, participants also provide input for each candidate and they are encouraged to spend time observing each other's performance in the team-oriented exercises. This allows participants to not only receive feedback, but to practice giving feedback as well, making it a richer learning experience. Research and practice reveal that the best way to develop one's skills is to provide feedback on how well they perform on a variety of challenging tasks, thus promoting personal insights.

For the Individual Participant:

Whether a leader of thousands; a supervisor of a few; or an individual contributor; our Leadership Assessment Center provides a snapshot of skills, abilities and personal characteristics. This will serve as a foundation for developmental planning and is achieved through:

  • comprehensive, integrated feedback
  • a report that summarizes results from activities and offers recommendations for ongoing development
  • a comprehensive 360 degree feedback report summarizing how others perceive the participant's skills and abilities

For the Organization:

Our assessment center also provides a solid foundation for individual development and succession planning efforts and may be customized according to unique organizational needs. This is achieved through:

  • a summary report on each participant detailing their strengths and development needs
  • an evaluation of each participant on each of the organization's key competencies
  • a talent management roll-up that shows where leadership strengths and development needs are the greatest within the organization

At a time when organizations have limited resources for identifying and developing their talent pipeline, our Leadership Assessment Center offers the greatest return on investment. By providing specific, actionable evaluations and feedback, developmental activities can be targeted to skills that will make the greatest difference in the success of both the individual and the organization. The result is a process that will build on itself, year after year, as the organization continues to develop and grow a supply of talent.

The progam can be conducted at the Rady School or a location closer to your organization.

For further information, please contact Coronado, CA (619).575.2342