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Change Management


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We enable our client companies to direct their talent and energy to the right issues, at the right time with the best people.

What we do and how we do it: Although each assignment is unique, a general roadmap of change can be described.  We meet with the senior leadership to gain an understanding of requirements, needs and expectations. In the initial stages we often are asking more questions than providing answers. We generally suggest the following process:

1. Defining Vision, Mission and Purpose. We start where the organization is at; reviewing and helping revise and/or assisting in creating an organizational vision, mission and purpose.

    • Envisioning the Future. The goal is to develop a strategic vision and mission as well as the operating principles and values for the business. This is accomplished through top team workshops, facilitated research and future state scenarios. An organization communications plan is formulated.

2. Developing the Transition plan.

    • Facilitating Planning/Scoping the Changes. The purpose is to identify the strategic organizational outcomes and change focus points that will support achievement of the business vision, mission and strategy. This will be accomplished through Senior management workshops; facilitated data-gathering and gap analysis; large-scale "strategic rethinking" conferences; and multiple, smaller in size, cross-functional, cross-organizational change team.
    • Developing Implementation Plans. Design a coordinated and aligned set of change activities. Include as many individuals in the change process as possible through asking for input and suggestions and assignment on project and implementation teams. The goal is to create buy-in and commitment in multiple ways and at multiple levels and locations across the business.


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